Sincerely, America

American Dreams: Immigrant Stories
by Linda Britt
directed by Ellen Peters

The Art of Remembering
by Adina L. Ruskin
directed by Chevi Chung

July 26 - 28 at 7:30pm

Historic Courtroom in Court House Square, 1102 A Street
Tickets: $5 - $15

2019 Sincerely, America

empathos company presents

Sincerely, America

a pairing of plays portraying the immigrant experience in the USA

On stage at the Historic Courtroom in Court House Square July 26-28

The production Sincerely, America, a performance made up of two one-act plays American Dreams and The Art of Remembering followed by a panel discussion will take the stage at the Historic Courtroom at Court House Square in downtown Tacoma beginning July 26. Sincerely, America will contain the major themes of family, immigration, history, and letters with the goal of highlighting our similarities as a reason to come together rather than recognizing our differences as a reason to disengage with one another. The production will be performed in the Court House Square - a historic setting that once operated as a full-time Federal Courthouse, Customs House, and Post Office. Performances are scheduled for July 26-28, 2019, with tickets available at

What is Sincerely, America?

Sincerely, America is inspired by the immigrant experience in an effort to create empathy and understanding for each other by reaching into the past to see the history of our community. The first play of the production, American Dreams, a play by Linda Britt and directed by Ellen Peters, focuses on the immigrant experience in the U.S., an experience which varies widely depending on country of origin, race, religion, age, and location allowing the characters to focus on the aspect of their story that is most meaningful to them. The second play of the production, The Art of Remembering, a play by Adina L. Ruskin and directed by Chevi Chung, shows three actors embodying different facets of a young woman who returns home to bury her father. While there, she cleans out her closet and with each object she discovers, she touches on the stories of her ancestors that are as diverse as a feisty Polish-Jewish émigré taking America by storm, an Argentine who stands against his country's repression, and a woman who witnesses the fall of the Berlin Wall. Together, Sincerely, America reminds us of the beauty of life and the importance of our past. 

Tacoma, WA - Court House Square, Historic Courtroom, Floor 4