2018 Race & Pedagogy National Conference

empathos company presents excerpts from "The Chinese Question: The Tacoma Method" at the evening arts program, Migrations: Forced and Chosen as part of the greater 2018 Race & Pedagogy National Conference. This arts program is curated by Tony Gomez and produced in partnership with the Race and Pedagogy Institute and the University of Puget Sound.

Excerpts from The Chinese Question: The Tacoma Method
by Alana Fineman, John Levi III, and Samantha Chung

Based on the Tacoma Method tragedy of 1885

Tacoma, WA - Schneebeck Concert Hall, University of Puget Sound, September 2018

tony gomez

chevi chung

wardrobe consultant
ricky german

graphic designer
jeff soifer

david hsieh (lum may), susan kaeka (mrs. lum may), claire garcia (mrs. mcfarland), everett mccracken (hate committee member), luke admundson (hate committee member)