Celia Forrest, Womxn + Shakespeare Instructor

Celia Forrest, Womxn + Shakespeare Instructor

Q&A: Womxn + Shakespeare with Celia

Why this Class?
That is the question! The short answer is because I love it and because we need it. The longer answer? Because it’s hard. Because it’s fun. Because womxn have been told they can’t, or that they can only have permission to play a few parts. Because there’s no better workout for an actor’s mind, body and heart than Shakespeare. Because there are a lot of talented people in the South Sound who deserve a place to play close to home.

What can students expect?
We wanted to create a class that meets advanced students where they are and allow for life. Is work hectic so you want to spend classes on a single monologue and only do scenes in class, script in hand? We’ve got you. Want to work up two monologues and take on a full memorized scene? We can do that, too. When you register, you’ll get a questionnaire to fill out that will let us hit the ground running and tailor the class to your needs. Everyone will arrive that first day with a monologue or sonnet that they are on fire about. We will also ask you to share some of your dream roles and try to make room to tackle a scene or monologue from one of them. This class is your permission slip to take on the whole cannon. All of it is available to you. Who do you want to play? What would you like to explore? Cast yourself in your dream role! (And if you need guidance or help, we’re here for you!)

What are the prerequisites?
You need to be a womxn with experience acting Shakespeare. There’s a bit of a learning curve when you first start this work, and if you’ve never had experience with it, you should try the intro workshop first. That 2-day workshop is chock full of all of the technical parts of the work and makes a good brush up if it’s been awhile since you’ve thought about troches. If you are an actor who is seeking to add Shakespeare to your repertoire, with instructor permission you can take the intro workshops and join us in the advanced class.

What makes classes at empathos company different?
Access, access, access. I am all about giving womxn access to every part and guidance to grow and empathos takes care of all the rest. The class is in Tacoma, in a space accessible by public transportation, with free parking during most class times, in a building with an elevator and ramps. Visit our “Plan Your Visit” section to learn more about how to get here.  empathos worked to make class times friendly to day jobs and their financial accessibility program makes me really proud to be working with them! What I want most is to create an accessible place for people to come together and do work that lights them up. empathos has done that and I am so excited to get started this October!